Friday, August 22, 2008

quote of the day

***Love. Who knows about another's love? The more you love, the more you know the burnt out loss of love, the more you heed the silence of unknowing in the face of another's spiritual bondage.***

They say love is pain, but that is such a fractional analogy used to describe such a powerful state of being/mindset/feeling etc. Above is the first quote I have read that captures the magnitude of emotion that I relate to love. It tells why love is pain. As people we are afraid of the unknown, what lies in the hearts of man is DEFINITELY the unknown. Even the most assured are sometimes insecure. Not at the fault of the person whom you love but because you love them so much there is always the need for more. The need to see, show, tell, hear, & share. The more you love the greater the need. Love like christianity is based upon faith. Belief that the feeling is mutual will get you through anything. Doubt leads to constant mental and emotional turmoil.
Moral of the yourself some pain. If you love someone let them know as much as you can in every way you can.

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