Friday, August 22, 2008

? pondering


When I first asked myself this question it was in regards to relationships IE she (other) only got him because the (primary) she left him. I am now beginning to ask this question in other areas of my life. Is it ok to be accepting of the partial and mundane? Or is the quest for more chaising a wild goose dream? Better yet do you live to pretend in a make believe world. Seeing only what you want how you want because although its an illusion its the illusion of how you want to live. Reality is a bitch! People escape it in many different ways and then get mad when you see through the facade. When will everyone learn to be happy with themselves as they are? Or with what they have? Why does everything have to be in the extreme? Is there no balance for us in the world?
My theory is too many people do not know what they want! And if they do they are not willing to work to get it. Or they take the first thing running that looks kinda like what they want. I have learned in life that the road that looks the easiests is usually the hardest. Nothing worth having comes easy or free. I have seen people go from pauper to prince and vice versa. Some take it easy some take it hard. The people I love the most are the ones who take what they have no matter what it is and are content with it. Not saying to be accepting of anything. However God only gives you what you need the rest is up to you. Being realistic in life includes combining making do with what you have and working for what you don't. Minus the obbession with the bs in between.

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