Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Remember those nights I went to bed Hungry.....

.....all I ever ate was white rice and honey big dreams in my head, empty my tummy. might crack a smile but aint nuthn funny..... (Ghetto Story, Baby Cham & Alicia Keys)

Perfect example of inner city life. I have never felt that politicians could connect or identify with those of us who are familiar with or have grown up in that life (therefore how can they accurately represent and protect the things that are important to us and our future). Last night one woman changed all of that for me. I have watched this election and have loved it from the start. Yet I still did not feel any kind of intimate connection besides the fact that this was history in the making. Yes I was more proud than I have ever been and excited to share this with my son, but it did not crawl into my home/heart until Michelle Obamas brother came to introduce her. I was imidiately lured into kinship as he shared details of their life/relationship/childhood that reflected my own. The love, affection, devotion, and motivation for her spilled over as he began to describe how he felt about Barack as a person.

Lets just sidetrack for a minute......this country wanted to impeach a president because he was immoral. For all of those who continuously talk ish**** and say Michelle is too much in the forefront, how could she quit her job to support him and her fam etc WTH what do you people want. Here is a family who love and are there for eachother. They are openly affectionate and very family oriented. A strong family bond is essential to the success of the middle class people of this country.....TBC

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